May 15, 2021

Wanting to calculate keno odds is something that interests many people though in order to do the calculation it will be necessary for them to have a good grip of math and they should also understand subjects such as chance and probabilities. Only those who understand the game and can do the math will be able to successfully calculate the odds of playing this game to win.

The odds are basically figures that show how much of a chance a player has to pick the correct numbers. The payoff will not be as high as the actual chance of your winning. In other words, the house always has the odds on the player.

Whether you play this game live or at a gaming machine, there will not be in any difference in how it works. Only twenty numbers are going to be selected out of a total of eighty numbers. Players must pick between one and fifteen numbers and depending on how many numbers you choose and how many were correct you will get paid a certain amount.

When it comes to calculating the odds, you can use tried and tested formulas. Basically, the formula works on the principle that if you pick a certain number out of the eighty then there are going to be twenty other numbers that are going to be picked. This means that twenty numbers out of eighty numbers represents a twenty five percent chance that your number will be the one that is picked.

However, the trouble is that when you try to configure the combinations that will be picked, these can become unmanageable even for the best calculators. Still, if you manage to draw two out of twenty numbers in a game of keno then you will win.

There are 3160 combinations to choose from out of which there will be 190 winning combinations. Dividing the second number by the first will give you an approximate six percent chance of winning.

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