May 15, 2021

MC: Your Favorite Characters in Overwatch? S: Tracer…. And Widowmaker? MC: I think I get what is in common between those two….

S: We all get it, but let’s just keep it untold. MC: Yes, yes. And How about the characters you want to see most in cosplay? Is the answer same? MC: What is the reason you like the flowers so much?

Do you even wear flowery underwear? You are famous for naughty jokes, maybe because you are full of naughty thoughts. So are all those jokes coming from your own mind? S: I shouldn’t have accepted the interview today. Hahahaha MC: Is there anything you’d like to tell to those who are dreaming of being a pro gamer? S: To speak in realistic perspective….. MC: Next Question.

Which hero are you best at? And Which players handle Tracer well in your point of view? S: I’m really bad at tanks. I’m good with maybe Tracer, McCree and Soldier: 76? I’m generally good at htscan type heroes, the ones with straight trajectory.

MC: To be honest when I heard those three names, I thought you might mention every DPS characters. S: No, no. Never. I’m not that good with Pharah or Mei, so I let Fl0w3R handle those heroes.

I mainly handle Tracer and Roadhog, And also play McCree or Soldier: 76 as sub. I can also handle Genji. MC: And which players are better at handling Tracer? I mean, those who are good with her.

S: SoOn, DPS of Rogue could be mentioned, and birdring is really good with Tracer too. Ah, I can’t leave Bunny out. He’d be disappointed to be left out. MC: He’d be disappointed?

S: Cause we are quite close. But I sure am the best. MC: How do you think of your nickname, ‘Crazy Sae?” S: Well, I reap what I sow. I do not fake myself. When I’m streaming, The way I treat my friends It is exactly how I treat my viewers. ‘Hey, are you here?

Enjoy watching this, man!’ That’s the way I do it. MC: I believe that people would feel quite familiar with you. S: Yes, sometimes too much. When I see them in competitive games, they sometimes say ‘You Darn Freakin Sae! What have you been doing?’ MC: Kinda like between close friends?

S: Yea, just like that, without any hesitation. To be honest at first, I was quite shocked. MC: Were you shocked? S: Yes. But because that is what I have sown.

MC: And you got used to that? S: Yes I am, and I don’t care anymore. I just do the same. ‘Hey! You here?’ ‘Yeah I’m here!’ MC: Pigeon, how do you simulate Saebeyolbe sound?

S: About this, not many can do what I do. I thought everyone could just do so. S: Would you try? MC: Can you show me just one more time?

S: You have to howl it inside like a whistle. MC: You have sense of humor, and good at dancing. Can you show us how you do your trademark PotG dance?

How do you do that? S: To do this PotG dancing, you have to snap your limbs like this. When I make a great play, and I’m quite sure that I’ve made it to the PotG, Then I dance like this ‘P.o.t.G. is Mine!’ And all this come from the instant feeling, and it’s kind difficult to say in words… It kinda embarrasses me.

MC: Could you show it just once? Let’s say that you’ve killed all six opponents at once! S: Oh! Then I’d go, ‘P.o.t.G. is Mine’ MC: And what is the source of your jokes you do when streaming? You said dechead (read as dikhed) stands for delightful condition in your head….

S: You must pronounce it well! MC:And many of your jokes are naughty, maybe because you always think naughty. So does all this come from your own head? S: Yeah, I mean, I don’t think many will think in similar way.

Say de-c-head to mean delightful condition in your head. You must pronounce it well. ‘de- c- head’ And yes I do think of naughty things a lot. I believe that it means I am healthy and energetic. MC: and the more you think in such a way, the more it comes out as passion?

S: Yes, and it also deepens in level too.. MC: Yes. You reap what you have sown. I understood. S: I shouldn’t have accepted the interview today. ‘My laughters ain’t the laughter’ MC: And many people asked how to improve their gaming skills.

How to be a good DPS player, and how do you train your aim. Some asked how to make it to Grandmaster tier. S: To make it to Grandmaster tier you’ll have to lay it all down.

MC: Why is it so? S: While playing, you might face numerous situation, and you should be prepared to be stable throughout all those situations. You’ll have to learn to lower yourself for your teammates.

MC: and do not bother them? S: Yes. You must be able to lower yourself to avoid trouble with them, sometimes to the lowest end.

MC: That does sound difficult. S: And to be a good DPS, experience is the most important thing. The priority is to enhance your understanding on each hero. In my case, when I train aiming, I actually play game with that certain hero.

In scrimmage training, or competitive games. Because, when you train in practice range, You might improve your aim in the given condition. You might get better at aiming still target. But when you face actual gaming situation, opponents aiming for your life, And if you want to improve aim in those situations, The only way would be to be inside the very situation and practice it. MC: And the player shall be focused throughout all that, right?

S: Yes, you practice the actual gaming situation. That is how you practice. MC: Saebyeolbe, you are famous to be one of the high DPI players, and can you tell us the benefits and drawbacks of playing with high range DPI? S: Well, to make it clear, I no more play in high DPI, I used to set my DPI to be between 12,000 ~ 13,000 DPI, quite a high range among DPS players. Now I set it between 2,500 to 7,000 DPI. The benefits of being high DPI player is that your sight gest wider, Because you can turn the view around in really fast speed.

When you find an enemy from back, you can attack him or her after a single swipe. So in point of reflection, you get the high ground in comparison to the low DPI players. That’s the benefit, and the drawback, it might be troublesome for you to aim for the enemies from distance.

Let’s say you are playing McCree and you are aiming for enemies from very far distance. This requires very sensitive control, but in high DPI just slight movement will cause much difference in aim. High and low DPI each has benefits and drawbacks, and I believe that somewhere between would be the best. That is my conclusion after changing my style this time MC: Your Favorite Characters in Overwatch? S: Tracer….

And Widowmaker? MC: Widowmaker…. I think I get what is in common between those two…. S: We all get it, but let’s just keep it untold. MC: Yes, I got it.

Let’s go to the next question. How about the characters you want to see most in cosplay? Is the answer same? S: Hahahaha yes, it is. Ah, actually it is not! I want to see Roadhog cosplay.

MC: Roadhog? S: I mean, I saw many Trace and Widow cosplayers. When you are in tournament arena or places like so, many of them visit as an event. And they were just perfect. I saw perfect Tracers and Widows. But in case of Roadhog, I haven’t yet seen the perfect one.

MC: I believe it would require some special makeup. S: Yeah, his belly is really difficult to mimic, and I’d like to see it once. MC: and now it is time for ‘Your Choice between Two!’ Please choose one answer. Sauce on top vs Sauce on the side? S: Man, that’s one controversial questionnaire. MC: You have no choice but to answer!

S: Sauce on top! MC: Coke vs. Pepsi? S: Pepsi.

MC: Ponytail vs. Pigtail S: Pigtail. MC: Gambler vs. Your Girlfriend? S: Definitely girlfriend. Not even worth asking. How dare you compare Gambler to her!

MC: Headset Zerg vs. Your girlfriend? I believe the answer would be same. S: Not even worth saying. I’m getting little angry!

MC: Play Biohazard vs. Eat half dried pollack? S: I would go with eating pollack. MC: Do you like eating them? S: Nope, but it is competition between two things I hate. MC: Overwatch vs. Minecraft S: Minecraft MC: Why? Why do you like playing Minecraft so much?

S: You can get result as much as you make effort. In the society, it is common for you to get nothing from your effort But at least in Minecraft you can express what is in your brain for sure And you get result as much as you put effort. MC: You really like reaping what you’ve sown!

S: I sure do like reaping what I’ve sown. MC: How did you end up being a pro gamer? S: I always thought people should do what they are good at. MC: What they are good at? S: and I realized late in my life that even when you are good at video games, you can take is as a job. I made a late start, and I ended up being lucky.

At this point of life, this game Overwatch came out and I became pro of it. It all came from my belief that people should live doing what they are good at. MC: So You’ve reaped what you had sown. S: Yes, what I had sown since when I was very young. And now came the season of harvesting, and luckily the yield is very good. MC: Congratulations.

A rich harvest it is. And how does it feel to live as a pro gamer? S: It is very different from what it seems from the outside. MC: How is it so? S: I imagined many things about being a pro gamer. I’ve fantasized?

It is a really cool job, and one of the dream jobs for the kids. So when I was young I thought I want to be rich and famous as a pro gamer. That’s what I thought. As an actual pro gamer, all I can think of is how to get better result in the leagues.

MC: Life is competitive? S: Yes, it is a fierce field like a jungle, winner and prey. That’s causing the difficulty. MC: And you have to be cautious about many things, right?

S: Yes, like the things you speak. I make many jokes, but I do my best to not to hurt anyone doing so. MC: Is there anything you’d like to tell the people who dream of becoming a pro gamer? S: If you are good at gaming, it is worth trying. But in realistic point of view, if you are not good enough, it is right thing for you to stop there. There are many other good jobs.

You must find what you want to do for living. If this is the very thing you want to do, you’d have to do your best, but if you don’t have the skills, you can find something else. There won’t be the dream world you’ve been fantasized of. You will know when you actually do it.

It is that difficult, MC:Yes, things sure would turn out differently when you taske your hobby as a job. It is how the things turn out. I began because I love gaming, but things get little different when you get paid for it. MC: Yes.

And can you give us your resolution facing APEX Season 3? S: I will reap what I’ve sown. MC: What you’ve sown?

S: Yes. MC: So, you’ve sown much, and will reap much, right? S: I shall MC: What is your ultimate goal as a pro gamer?

S: I shall aim for the world top. MC: which means, winning the Overwatch World Cup? S: That won’t be just enough, because there are already players that have made to that point. Because of that I won’t be just satisfied with that.

What I dream of is, me being always mentioned when people think of Overwatch pro gamers. MC: Even in the far future? S: Yes, that comes to your mind right away. When you think of LOL, you think of Faker. MC:And Saebyeolbe for the Overwatch? S: That’s the level I am aiming for.

MC: People sure will remember you as a one passionate player. S: Yeah, that would be nice to. ‘There was one crazy guy among Overwatch pro gamers. That guy.’ If I’d be remembered as so, I would be satisfied for that.

MC:Crazy, but good. Wouldn’t be bad. MC: Thank you. One last message to the viewers and fans of Gamecoach? S: I was totally tattered toady, and I wish you look good on me from here after.

MC: Many keen questions, right? S: That just pierced the center of my heart… Well, when I lose my edge and loses job, I’d like to get a position in Gamcoach. Cause you know, I have to make something for living, right?

I sure can be a good teacher. And out there are still many people looking negative over gaming culture, But I wish that people recognize gaming, which is now getting position as a professional sport. I want the recognition, And there are many people who have put their lives on this, like me. Please recognize this.

MC: We wish that you continue playing until the day it is recognized as a culture. S: What a good message! MC: Game is a culture Maybe you could try spaeking this together. I always say this slogan. S: If I begin speaking such luxurious things, people will doubt. ‘Man!

That guy is faking interview with script!’ MC: And we’ve learned about Saebyeolbe of LW Blue until now. Was it helpful for solving your curiosity? Please participate in other Curiosity Server videos by leaving comment. We will refresh your brain clogged of curiosity!

This was Ryu Hojeong, the MC of Your Curiosity Server. Thank you! MC: Thank You S: Thank you.

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