May 15, 2021


Honda Company representatives have officially confirmed info that, new generation Civic Type-R will be equipped the same engine that is being used now in the current generation. It is a 200hp producing naturally aspired hi-tech powerplant, that in the opinion of auto experts is too weak to compete with its main competitors like Ford Focus ST, Opel Astra OPC and VW Golf GTI, because last-mentioned cars have much more powerful engines.


Honda Civic Type-R Concept

The only thing, that could save new generation Civic Type-R from huge embarrassment in front of its rivals would be use of the same technologies, that were used in creation of the highly awarded Honda S2000 engine, which output very similar amount of hp like the earlier mentioned Opel Astra OPC and Ford Focus ST. We can guess that this option would come reality, because this would increase price vastly and would make Civic Type-R less affordable. One of the most obvious and cheapest way to increase price without serious price increase would be to fit this engine with a forced induction device like turbocharger or supercharger. This option also would be in a big question, because Honda has some unofficial (or maybe official) “no no” policy about producing turbocharged petroleum powered cars.

Public presentation of new generation Civic Type-R will take place at the end of July in London Motor Show. This will be dressed in slightly more aggressive bodykit than “rolling slow” versions of the Civic, larger rims and equipped with modernised hard and lowered suspension. Also throttle control and steering adjustment will be improved. We would like to note, that not only usual Civic Type-R version will see the daylight in London Motor Show. It will be accompanied by Type-R GT version. GT will distinguish itself by its longer list of extra installed in this car.

Details about new Civic Type-R will be published after the grand opening to public eyes in London Motor Show. This hot hatchback will hit in the spring of 2007.

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