April 21, 2021

– I’m gonna show you everything you need to know about the leader in mobile esports, Skillz Inc., so that you can start your gaming career today without risking your identity in the process. And I’m starting right now! (air whooshes) What is going on? My name’s Mikey from Detroit, Michigan, and I’ve made over $20,000 since opening my account with Skillz in 2015. Welcome to the first video on the official YouTube series of how to make money playing Skillz games. In this series I’ll show you everything you need to know so that you can start making money playing Skillz games, including how you can pull a profit even if you’re a losing player, which means you’re losing more than 50% of your games.

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So, if this is your first time here and you want to learn more about Skillz, their games, and how to make money from Skillz games, make sure you subscribe and tick the bell so you know when my content goes live for you. Make sure you watch this entire video, because I’m gonna show you just how big Skillz is and why you should be doing everything you can to get in on the action, so stay tuned. (air whooshing) (electricity buzzing) (upbeat music) What is Skillz, Inc.? What are Skillz games?

You may have heard of them from a friend. Or if you’re like me, you don’t have any friends, so you were on Facebook and an ad popped up for a game promising that you can make money while playing their games and they’re free to download. Seems too good to be true.

So, like a normal person, you went on Google and searched these Skillz games that offer a chance to win real money playing mobile games, and the only information you could find was from the source themself, Skillz.com. And nobody likes to get information from a biased source. So that’s why I created this YouTube series. I had the same problem when I ran into this Facebook ad, and when I googled it, it was literally just Skillz.com and another YouTuber.

And I wasn’t even a YouTuber at the time. And the video looked like a sponsored video, so I was pretty skeptical. Lucky for you, though, you’re gonna have this video, and I have sources in the description of this video from Forbes, CNBC, and PocketGamer.biz. So you can do some digging around just like I did and find out more about Skillz, and if you come across something that’s not in this video, make sure you leave it down in the comments so that everyone else can learn what you did. Skillz is a company that built a platform for game developers to put into their mobile game. Once this code is placed into that mobile game, it will allow players like you to play against other players for cash.

Players are matched based on their skill level. The higher-skilled players will play against the higher-skilled players, and the lower-skilled players will play against the lower-skilled players. This makes it so every match that you play you have a chance to win. If they didn’t do it this way, luck would become a factor in the fact that I might get matched up against someone I have zero chance to beat because they’ve been playing this game for a lot longer than I have, and their score is just way better than mine most of the time.

So they have to match it this way or else 70% of their games wouldn’t be determined by skill, and they wouldn’t be able to operate. So they have to do it this way to make it fair for everybody and to avoid any gambling laws that are in effect. (air whooshes) (electricity buzzing) On a daily basis, Skillz runs two million tournaments each day.

Some of these tournaments offer real cash prizes, and all of their games are free to install on your mobile device. So what are you waiting for? You can win money playing mobile games right now. There’s a link in the description of this video that will take you to the most popular Skillz games so that you can start making money today. Still not convinced? Let me know in the comments below what’s holding you back so that I can make a video in the future giving you the information that you need so others like you can get the answers they deserve.

Because this is a huge opportunity for gamers, and I don’t want anyone missing out. (air whooshes) (electricity buzzing) Skillz currently has 18 million registered users on their platform. 18 million!

Therefore, Skillz has hosted over 800 million tournaments since 2012. That’s almost a billion! Skillz looks too good to be true, though, doesn’t it?

That’s what I thought when I downloaded their game in 2015. After seeing an ad on Facebook of a guy holding a $20,000 check from Skillz while sitting on top of a jet ski that he also won from Skillz, my too-good-to-be-true senses were tingling pretty hard. Yeah right. What’s the catch?

At first glance, it looks like there isn’t one. Look a little bit closer, though, and you’ll see something pretty shocking. That is that in order to play these games, you’re gonna need to enable location services while you’re playing the game. This can feel like an invasion of privacy and eat up your battery life. So is it really worth it?

Let’s see. (air whooshes) (electricity buzzing) So what do we know about Skillz? We know that it’s basically a platform that goes into a mobile game, and that platform allows the players, like yourself, to play against other players for money. Now, you can choose to play against these players in a variety of different ways with a variety of different entry fees. You can play for as little as free, all the way up to $350.

The winner of that $350 match is gonna get $600. So Skillz takes about 17% away from that game. So how are you gonna profit? So Skillz takes about 17% of that match.

However, if you play for 60 cents to win $1, Skillz is taking 20%, which means you’re gonna have to win 70% of your games just to break even. Lucky for us, though, Skillz gives us more ways to win money than just playing in the head-to-head and tournament matches. And I’ll be going over those in a future video. I’m a losing player which means I lose more than 50% of the games that I play.

Yet, I’ve been able to turn a profit every year for the past four years. But wait, isn’t that gambling? No actually, it’s not, and here’s why.

You see, online casinos are not legal in the majority of the United States because luck determines the outcome the majority of the time. However, in order for a game to become Skillz-enabled, that game’s gonna have to go through a test. That test is gonna determine whether or not a skilled player is gonna beat a not-so-skilled player 70% or more of the time. If that game fails this test, Skillz will not allow that game to be on the Skillz platform unless they adjust their game to become more skill-based in the outcome of each game. Because what ends up happening in a Skillz match is both players are given the exact same board with the exact same time control, and the player that finishes it fastest with the highest score is gonna win. If that player doesn’t win more than 70% of the time against the less-skilled player, Skillz wants nothing to do with it because it’s a liability on their company name, and they don’t want that.

Now, there are some states that won’t allow you to play these Skillz games for cash. Those games are Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee. However, if the Skillz game has playing cards in it, like Solitaire Cube, you won’t be able to play in a cash game if you live in Maine or Indiana. Now, if you live in any of those states that I just mentioned, you can still download and play these Skillz games, you just won’t be able to play for cash. Now, if you do play for cash, you’re gonna get matched up against players of equal skill, as I said earlier, but their player matching is almost too good because they match you so closely to other players that you’re basically trading 50/50 every game. And it can get quite frustrating because, guess what, Skillz has taken 20%.

So you’re losing money every time you’re playing, and that can get very, very frustrating. There are many ways to make money on Skillz, and these head-to-head matches and tournaments are just the tip of the iceberg. So you could be a losing player, like myself, and still pull a profit. Now, you can also make money while losing 50% of your games or more just like I do.

All you have to do is play higher stakes and take advantage of other money-making features on the Skillz app. More about these in a future video. From what I understand, these anti-cheating mechanisms that they talk about are basically red flags in the system.

Since you’re matched based off of skill, the average score is gonna get lowered if you automatically abort the game right away, so that’s going to throw off your average score. And if you abort too many games, a nice red flag is gonna pop up. If someone is scoring higher than they typically do, this is also gonna raise a red flag, and Skillz may ask you to play a game live on Skype in front of them so that they can make sure that you’re not cheating. If they fail to perform during that Skype call, their account could be terminated and the players that lost to that player will be reimbursed for the games that they lost against that player. Now, here’s a sneak peek into next week’s video.

If you enjoyed this one, make sure you give it a big thumbs up, and I look forward to seeing you next time. Stay tuned for the sneak peek in the next week’s video. (air whooshes) (electricity buzzing) What is up, YouTube?

My name’s Mikey and today I’m gonna show you the most popular Skillz games. They have over 4000 games to choose from, and I have put together a webpage that’s gonna show you the top 35 most popular games. And these games are gonna be similar to a game you already play on your phone, but there are gonna be two major differences between the game on your phone that you currently play and the Skillz version of that game. Tune in next week to see what those games are and how they’re gonna be different. But in the meantime, check out this video on how to make money playing Skillz Cube Cube. Thanks for watching.

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