April 21, 2021

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I’m used to getting up and grinding in the morning. This lasts until two or 3 p.m. Sometimes when the tables are soft enough, or when I have a losing day then I usually continue grinding, because in a downswing I just cannot quit. -Obviously not.

We’ve decided to create this content for you. We are going to talk about the path that he has been through. Adam won the jackpot game online slots few days before. We already talked about this among us while we were drinking some beers. We were summarizing our actual year. As we were examining our timelines we discovered some interestingly strange and random events.

That was almost sure that we were going to end up like this. Yes. – It was fate. Looking back from here, it just seems to be fate. The only question was the: When?


That was how it happened. We arrived here at the beginning of April. Adam… Steve spent here like three or four weeks as well back then. He decided to travel home, but we both stayed here. That was the beginning in April. What were your first thoughts when we made our decision?

How did you feel back then? Were you a bit scared, or you were looking forward to it? What did you feel then?

I made the decision in a minute. From that point I started to feel relaxed. I felt that from that point everything was going to be fine. I knew that I’ve just found a new place, where probably I’ll feel myself better than at home. From there I started to release the problems I had. The decision itself made me feel better.

I knew that this place is waiting for me. I remember the day when I picked you guys up at the airport. I felt like shit that day. – How long was the flight? More than 30 hours.

From house to house it was almost 36. That’s one and a half day. In Frankfurt you had to wait.

-Yes we stopped for five hours there. However that was nearly the best part of it. Did they serve alcohol on the plane? – No.

However I bought myself one bottle of Unicum, so I did not end up thirsty. In the morning. You celebrated the start of you new life. – Yes. I remember the moment of your arrival. I called for a Taxi.

You got in the Taxi, and then what were your first thoughts? The heat. -Yes, humidity is around 90% here. You need a few weeks to get used to this.

– Yes, but that was easier than I thought. When did you start playing? On the second or the third day? Well maybe I did not start it on the second day yet, because of the long traveling. The jet lag was pretty heavy. Moreover Steve got up around five p.m. That night we consumed a little alcohol as well.

As I remember, from the third day we were playing almost every day. After the first few weeks, how did you feel while playing? Did you notice anything special?

Was it any different than playing from Budapest? Apart from your personal emotional/financial situation… playing in another time zone does make any difference? This time zone here is extremely advantageous.

Back than I had to do night shifts. That was a problem. Moreover I usually had spent the time before the sessions with not very positive activities. The whole thing made me very tired.

In the evenings I always had to be active somehow before the start of the grind. That makes you tired by all means. It doesn’t really matter if you relax or… It’s not optimal, that’s not how we should work.

– Indeed. However we get up 8:00 a.m. here. Then we have a breakfast. We usually order chia-cream from a local restaurant.

– That’s the usual meal. At 9:00 a.m. we already play. Regular players are usually rather tired by then. Back home that’s three o’clock in the morning, am I right?

– Exactly. Maybe we could start even later, because some regular players play until five a.m. However the field is much much softer in this time zone. I would give the same advice to everyone.

Play at night at home, or change your location to find a better time zone. So in the first two weeks your EV skyrocketed, right? – Yes, that was great. During those two weeks you earned more EV playing two tables, than before by playing 3 weeks?


But for some reason I said no. The girl was fitting all the criteria I have. But for some reason I said : Not now. I jumped on my bike and rode back home. The girl did not accept this.

She said that I should follow her if I had changed my mind. She rode a motorbike also. I followed her for a while, but then I turned into the direction of our house. Why is this interesting? – Because it happened Sunday night. Then Monday morning I started grinding.

The lucky event happened right then. – Yes. How did it feel? What happened when you realized that you were gonna play for the one million jackpot? Before it happened, I had thought that it is much more terrifying to spin such a huge multiplier.

However this is so big, that it just shocks your mind. The information just not sticks. In that moment you don’t exactly know what happens. It was similar to the case when I played at $15 back then, and spun my first small jackpot for 1800$. In comparison, back then I was more excited than now.

Well, we were there in the jackpot game. We won the first hand, am I right? The rest was easy. – Yes. Could you tell us a bit about your opponents?

What happened during the hands? Please talk about those eleven minutes of the jackpot. I got a very lucky table. My opponents were unknown. I don’t know how they got there. I saw in a stream, that one of them had opened a chest, than played a spin for $100.

He was one of them. The other one busted out early and that was fortunate, because he could have been an unpleasant opponent HU. He was aggressive, am I right?

Yes, very aggressive. In the beginning I did not get good cards at all. 72, 82 I raised once. – From the BTN. Small blind bet went for a 3bet all-in. Big blind cold called, then both of them showed A9o.

I said: ‘Well, if so…’ Let’s do it like this… – For the jackpot… The passive player somehow got lucky against the aggressive one, right? – Yes.

I had 350 chips by then. Our opponent sat there on 1150 chips. Easy.

Your opponent had some good hands as well, right? Yes indeed, I had to fold and fold. When I had 6 big blinds left he shoved. I was happy to call my Q9 offsuit there.

My hand held up against Q6. We doubled up already. Then you still continued to lose chips, because you didn’t get good hole cards… -Yes.

The key hand of the Spin happened shortly. It was a limped pot. I decided to apply a check/raise when I had two pair: jacks and fours. You shouted this: ‘I got you now.’ Yes.

‘I got you now.’ And indeed, he overrated his J5o there and he shoved on the flop. That’s how I doubled up again.

That double up was not so simple. Yes, because the turn was a six, which meant extra outs for him. That was the moment when you both had equal amount of chips, right? – Yes.

From there I started to win chips without showdowns. Finally he had around 300 chips. He called with a J9 there, but he couldn’t have done anything else there. There was a blog post on Stars about this Spin. He had AA and AQ there as well, but he decided to open shove them. I remember the moment of the last showdown.

Well I said something before… When I had pocket fours. I said that we were going to win this now, having the 44. I shoved and he folded unfortunately. Then after 30 seconds I got pocket fours again, and that was the victorious hand indeed.

Again, a pair of fours… We saw that it was gonna be a flip and our hands got clenched. We were silenced, on the flop like T67 i think… he had two overs and a gutshot. We got scared for a second, but again losing just was not a real possibility.

Stars dealt turn and river very quickly, we just didn’t have time to think about our opponent’s outs. That’s how we won it. Can you remember that moment? The actual moment when you won the jackpot. Shouting and jumping.

Hugging. We just weren’t ourselves. The housekeeper lady did not understand what happened. It was 9.30 a.m. Jumping and shouting and spattering in the house. How was your day after this?

What did you do on the following days? Now it’s Thursday, so this happened 3 days ago. Since then, how do you feel?

What happened inside you? What kind of feelings are you experiencing now? What are your plans and what would you like to do? Can you talk about this a bit now? Do you quit poker, or would you like to continue? Well I won the jackpot, but on the next morning I was back there playing $100 spins.

– Yes they asked me what the hell I was doing there… They said I should get off the tables and stop grinding. Well I honestly like grinding, and that’s how my days usually go. I get up, and then I play 5 hours.

I really enjoy this, so why shouldn’t I continue to do so? We’ve talked about your arrival and your daily schedule as well. We’ve talked about your work, your life here and about traveling as well… We’ve mentioned the jackpot and the moments right after also. I think we covered everything broadly.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Something that we’ve missed? Would you send a message to your teammates to motivate them? I’d like to mention one thing here. It’s really a respectful behavior to start working immediately on the next day after winning the jackpot.

On Tuesday morning he was back to the grind, just because he likes it. We love what we do, and we enjoy it as well. You are good in it.

You have the chance to win another one until spring, right? Yes, but that’s not gonna be me. Let’s give it to someone else from the team. Back to the point: Would you like to add anything?

What’s your message to your teammates? You must be pushing it. Not only because of the jackpot. You don’t need to think about this.

The jackpot is only the extra gift under the tree. Maybe life will compensate you, if so… The time, the work and the efforts you are willing to take, will bring you success by all means. Either way. Maybe you’ll win a huge amount of EV, or you’ll hit the jackpot.

If you work a lot, then something must happen. Life will not leave you alone. Yes, this statement has been proven several times.

I played two months at $500 before, but then I had to step back. Then again I started to prepare myself to do it but I just wasn’t in the right state of mind to reach that stake. – And now?

Well, now I’m relieved of the pressure. I think If I can concentrate only about this one thing, then I might be successfully grinding on higher limits as well. I don’t lack any motivation actually. These are my goals for now. I’m going to continue where I was ($100), and I’ll improve. If my preparation goes successfully, then I’ll start playing higher stakes.

– This is excellent. This is an excellent plan. I totally agree with Adam. EV matters. Continue grinding!

Just do it! As Adam’s example shows, maybe sometimes you need to take bigger decisions in order to succeed. Maybe that means moving somewhere. Changing the place where you live might help. Sometimes you need to take some risks as well. As you might have heard, Adam was not in the best financial situation when he decided to move here.

However we had discussed all the details, and we also trust each other. Sometimes to reach this kind of success, and to build up a timeline like this one… you need to take some courageous but not irresponsible decisions. Willpower, work ethics and endurance are also necessary and if you have these, you’ll be successful by all means. I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview. Soon it will be available on our server. It will be there on our homepage as well.

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