• Important Updates:

    If the race this Saturday, July 26th, is rained out, we will run that race again on August 9th. This is the Tommy "Golden Wheels" Agen Street Stock Memorial and Autograph Night. Call today if you have questions!

  • Important Updates:

    This Sunday's race has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 2nd, and it will be a double points race for the GRS Gassers. The NOBOX race is guaranteed $1,000 to win!

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Upcoming Events:


Wednesday Night Cruise Night and Grudge Drags

Every Tuesday- Drag Racers test and tune for $20; You can now Drag race (no box)!- $40 pays $500 for the winner, $100 to the runner up, and $40 for third place; With 34 or more cars!; The more cars, the more payback; There are also $20 buy backs, and the track will be sprayed. You will get as many time runs as possible before eliminations.

August 16th- The ROC Mods tour returns for the 2nd time for the Tommy Druar and Tony Jankowiak Memorial Race; Gates open at 5PM; Adults are $22, kids 7 to 14 are $10 and kids 7 and under are FREE!

Ralph’s Views:

For years now we have had wednesday night cruise night, and they have been very successful–not only for us, but for the state of New York and the Lancaster police. They have set up road checks on the road coming in to the track and there is no way to get in without going past this check. At this point it is all about the money. They will set up just as we open at 6PM just to see how many tickets they can write. Some years they have given out over 200 tickets.

They do this here because of the amount of cars that come in. I have never been opposed to setting up road checks, but do it when they are leaving at 10 or later to get the DWIs and stop some one from hurting or killing anyone on the road. However, they are more interested in how much money they can take from all of us and this is wrong.

I have talked to everyone I could over the years; my congressman, the senator, the state troopers, the local police chief, and more. I have been on the new station too, but it makes no difference. They know that this is one way to make money and it is a sure thing. It has hurt they track and it stops the fans from coming. The amount of money that they will make in all the tickets they will write will not pay the police, but will end up costing the taxpayers more money.

There is no logic in what they are doing, but I will tell you that it hurts us and what we make and the amount of money we pay for tax. The worst part about this is they will not set up the road checks at places like football games or a city event. They will catch hell for that and there are more people there than here. Again, I say it’s a money grab. Thank you, New York State and our fearless leader Mr. Cuomo. The state of New York will always find ways to take money from us.

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