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Drag racers, don’t forget to sign up for points for 2014. You get the discount pit pass if you’re in points. Last year we paid out over $15,000 in cash plus trophies! We do this every year.

NEW! There will NOT be an increase in the points registration as long as you join by May 2!

Ralph’s Views

Last year we almost lost all of April, May and June to rain. This year we are  starting off with wet, soft ground and cold temperatures. What to do?

All we can do is wait to see what old mother nature is going to do to us here in Buffalo, New York. There is much to do to get ready and we are working on it.

I have been tracking the website and have to say, “WOW!” We are getting so many hits, there is a lot of interest out there about this little old track — that’s a good thing. I do hope that all those interested come out on drag and stock nights to support all the racers. We really do have some of the best racing at this track.

I do have to say something about Niagara Dragway, just so you know. They opened in 1960 and closed in 1974 — just 14 years of racing and people are still talking about it! Lancaster opened in 1959, and here we are 55 years later with not one year of not opening. As far as nostalgia, this track has a ton of nostalgia and we bring it back every year for the last 23 years and running. You can’t say that for to many other tracks. We’ve been able to do this because of the loyal racers and race fans.

As far as the stock car racing, this track is the home of the Mighty Modifieds:  it’s fast, it’s exiting and I don’t miss a race. I love my stock cars, contrary to what they think. I am I big fan of all racing that’s why I am still here. So get your cars ready and let’s all have some fun after this long, hard winter!


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