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Drag racers, don’t forget to sign up for points for 2014. You get the discount pit pass if you’re in points. Last year we paid out over $15,000 in cash plus trophies! We do this every year.

NEW! There will NOT be an increase in the points registration as long as you join by May 2!

Ralph’s Views

I hope that everyone had a very happy Easter — I know I did! I had the whole family at my house, it’s a great thing.

I think that the weather has finally changed for the better. We are still trying to get the track ready for May 2nd and 3rd. We are there every day now, working. The track looks okay, it is just a little wet and soft. But as long as the sun is out, we should be okay.

I am still trying to come up with a date for the big race, I will know something soon. As a individual promoter, I can tell you it is very hard to sell sponsorships in these tough times, and at Lancaster it has always been easier because of the location. But right now that is not working too well. Sponsor money all over the country is down, so tracks are looking into other ways of making that up. We are hoping that by adding big races and more racing that it will help, but we always can use your help — the fan, the racer, and other businesses.This is how race tracks around the country have made it for so many years.

There are local motor shops, race car shops, tire stores and race car builders that have made a living off of all of us. When they needed the race tracks for advertising, they where right there. Now that they have made it, it’s all most like they just don’t care anymore. But you, the racer, still buy from them and support them and when they are asked to help their local race track, it’s a no-go. So I think that when you go out there to buy that part you need to go racing or when you are thinking about building a new race car, tell them where you race with all the parts you get from them. Remind them that if it wasn’t for racing or race tracks, WE WOULDN’T BE BUYING THEIR PARTS. Just a little food for thought.

Thanks fans and racers for supporting us, and for all the sponsors that do, thank you, too.


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