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Ralph’s last view:
I have been at the track from 2000 to 2003 and back in 2008 and now I am saying good bye to the track that I have loved for some many years. I came back in 2008 because Jim Reid was closing it down, and that was it for the track. I was done and really wanted to stay done but the love for the track made me come back. The track was already at a low and falling but I thought there was still a chance to save it, but the stock car program was down in car count and the fans. The drags were almost the same.

In 2003 we had the highest car count in stocks and in drags. Sorry to say that I wish i would have stayed on and not turned it over to Mr. Reid, but it is what is, so coming back was hard and I put everything I had into the track to try and make it work, but as you see it still didn’t work there are so many things going on in Buffalo in the summer that people can do, they just lost interest in racing. That has happened all across the country, not just here. People say that I was never a stock fan and that is so not true. I never missed a race, I was in the suite every week, and I enjoyed every race. Yes, I was a drag racer, but to be honest I would rather watch stocks.

The first race I had ever seen was a dirt stock race in Watertown New York, and I wanted to race stocks cars, but my father said that was not going to happen so I stared drag race back in 1969 and stopped in 1974. I came back to lancaster in 1990 and started all over again. I loved racing, all racing, and I think I showed it over the years trying to make the track a great place to race. I invested well over $800000.00 of my money over the past 10 years into a track that I never owned but I knew that things needed to be done and no one was going to do it so I did. All in hopes that it would all come back in time, but it never did.

So now it has to come to a end for me. I will not be coming back next year as we have lost so much time and money that I need to try and pick up the pieces. I am 60 and there is not that much time left. I do want to say that the crew that I had working at the track for the last 7 years have been the best crew any one could ever want. They all had their hearts in it and also loved this track. I would put My drag crew up against any track in the IHRA OR NHRA country of racing. For years we also had the best announcers. They are all good people and I will miss everyone of them, and they know who they are.

As far as the track I do hope that someone comes in and takes it over and I hope they can put a lot of money in the track. It will need it if it is to ever come back and be the track that it was. As far as the racers, I made a lot of friends and a lot of enemies but I do think that the friends will remember everything I tried to do for them and the track. It has taken a lot out of me and my wife and we are ready to move on to something different. I want to thank the ones that really supported me and the track, but I will say this, there are people out there that have no respect for anyone or anything they will never be a supporter of this track or any track they don’t even have respect for themselves. Facebook has hurt the track and so many things that it should be taken down for good but we know that won’t happen. So god bless to you all. The track has bled me so that i will never ever step foot here again, but I do hope that is around for 50 more years! Goodbye to all my friends, and good riddance to all the hateful ungrateful hurtful people. Good luck!

please go to http://www.lancasterusopen.com  for information on the US Open

Elegant Builders Raceway Park is sorry to say that long-time employee and friend Jody Sossong lost her battle with cancer. Here is the link to info on services. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.



Friday September 26th

Thanks to the sponsors who helped make the 26th a huge success! Even thought we couldn’t finish, a great time was had by all!

K-100/Bauer Racing Quick 16
Uncle Bob’s Self Storage Top Eliminator
Stanzko Auto/Mary Neffke Photography Modified Eliminator
Mongielo’s Auto Specialties /Tread City Tire Street
Hebeler’s Sales and Service Bikes/Sleds




winner of the 25th Annual Race of Champions!


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FINALS TEAM who finished second,  Lucas Salemi, winner of Bikes/Sleds and Robert Bauer III, runner-up in TOP. Also Brian Babiak, winner of Best Appearing Bike.



Friday Oct 3: Last night of Drag points is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control



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